The School of Communications and Arts (ECA) of the University of São Paulo (USP) was created in 1966, initially with the name of School of Cultural Communications (ECC), and receiving its current name in 1969, when it started offering university education in the Arts areas. Having been constituted at the intersection of emerging areas of knowledge, ECA is, by definition, interdisciplinary, focusing on both professional and research training, that is, aimed at the academic career in its strictest sense.

Along with a structure of disciplines that give account of fundamental areas of knowledge, its Departments also offer activities of a clearly laboratorial nature, bringing together diverse teams of lecturers, who often involve the collaboration of visiting professors - from national and foreign institutions -, young researchers linked to post-doctoral projects and scholarship students, in supervised undergraduate or graduate training.

In more than five decades of dedication to teaching, research, culture and extension, ECA stands out for the training of countless nationally and internationally renowned professionals, providing Brazil with a significant number of specialists to work in the areas of media and culture, in artistic and cultural institutions, museums, major media and digital networks.

ECA has a structure made up of eight teaching departments and a technical school, 14 regular graduation courses - between bachelor and licenciate degrees -, and six graduate programs. It also has about 60 research groups, centers and laboratories that together add up to the largest scientific production ever generated in its areas of knowledge in the country.

ECA and its Departments


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