Comisión de Relaciones Internacionales

Comissão de Relações Internacionais

CRInt assists foreign students from the application process to the end of the exchange. Every semester, ECA receives students from foreign institutions affiliated to ECA and USP.

Students from abroad whose institution of origin is affiliated to USP should contact AUCANI for information on the application process.

Students wishing to attend an academic semester or full academic year at ECA, and whose home institution is affiliated with our school, should carefully read the information on incoming mobility, available on our website.

In addition, they should contact the international relations office of the home institution for assistance with the nomination and, finally, proceed with the online application, in accordance with the guidelines received. The foreign student should be mindful that his / her nomination must be made by the home institution, otherwise the application will not be accepted.

Foreign students who are interested in studying at ECA and who are not part of a specific exchange program (from ECA or USP) - the so-called free movers - must proceed with the online application, respecting the established deadlines, completing the specific form and attaching the requested documentation.

Annually, CRInt establishes the number of places that can be offered to free movers at ECA. CRInt is also responsible for analyzing the documentation and for accepting the application.

ECA-USP does not accept applications from those not regularly enrolled in a foreign higher education institution.