Comisión de Relaciones Internacionales

Comissão de Relações Internacionais

There are two possibilities for ECA students wishing to apply for an academic exchange abroad:

As free mover: the application is made directly to the foreign institution, including the payment of all academic fees. CRInt does not intervene at any point in the application, but must be notified in advance if the student is interested in validating the credits obtained during his / her exchange.

Through ECA and USP (AUCANI) agreements: applications should follow the periodic calls issued by ECA or USP (AUCANI), in which student mobility is supported by the existing agreement between the institutions, with exemption from paying academic fees at the foreign institution *. The student will be responsible for all expenses related to housing, food, travel etc.

There are two possibilities for exchange through an academic agreement:

AUCANI Call for Applications

All USP Call for Applications are published throughout the academic year in the Mundus System and, normally, every USP student can apply. The great advantage of USP's calls is the variety of partner institutions. The disadvantage is that the competition is usually quite stiff, since the entire
student body at USP is entitled to apply.

USP International Cooperation Office (AUCANI) is USP's central internationalization body, which coordinates most of the University's hundreds of agreements and partnerships with institutions from different

ECA Call for Applications

ECA has partnerships with several institutions around the world and many offer places for ECA students from one to two semesters. 

ECA Call for Applications are generally published twice a year, in February or March (for exchange in the 2nd semester of the academic year) and in August (for exchange in the 1st semester of the following academic year). Vacancies are offered exclusively to ECA students and the Call for Applications is published in USP’s Mundus System. It is also circulated to the whole community, published in the School’s website, sent by email to every department, affixed on murals, publicized in the “ECA Notícias” newsletter and on the CRInt Facebook page. Despite the growing number of agreements between ECA and international institutions, this is still considerably smaller when compared to AUCANI’s Call for Applications.

O estudante pode optar pelo intercâmbio como free mover, ou seja, ele próprio candidata-se à instituição estrangeira, comprometendo-se com o pagamento de suas taxas acadêmicas. Nesse casos, a CRInt não intervém na candidatura, devendo ser avisada com antecedência caso o estudante tenha interesse em validar os créditos obtidos durante seu intercâmbio.

* You will be informed in the Call for Applications whether the foreign institution charges administrative fees.


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