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Comisión de Relaciones Internacionales

Comissão de Relações Internacionais

The maximum mobility period for foreign students at ECA is two semesters; an extension, therefore, can only be requested if the initial mobility period is of six months.

There are two ways to request the mobility extension:

For students in AUCANI agreements:

If the home university is affiliated to AUCANI, the request for an extension of the exchange period must be registered at USP’s Mundus System.

AUCANI itself will contact the student by email at the time of the extension (around the third month of exchange in Brazil).

The extension form must be attached online - a template is available in USP’s Mundus System - with the authorization of your home university.
We emphasize that the extension must occur in the same teaching unit of USP responsible for the exchange, and the choice of other teaching units is optional.

For students in ECA agreements:

If the home university is an ECA partner, the request for an extension of the exchange period must be made via email (

The student must prepare a study plan for the new exchange period and a new covering letter. The extension must be approved in writing by the home institution.

The documents presented will be evaluated by ECA and, if accepted, the student will receive a new letter of acceptance with the extension period.