Comisión de Relaciones Internacionales

Comissão de Relações Internacionais

ECA students wishing to study abroad can apply for vacancies made available in the Call for Applications issued by ECA and AUCANI. The application procedure and selection process, however, differ greatly between the two:

AUCANI Call for Applications:


The first step is to access the “open calls” list available in USP’s Mundus System by clicking on the relevant link. Applications are made online, in compliance with the set rules and deadlines.

Selection Process

Once selected and accepted by the foreign institution, the student must follow the procedures informed by CRInt for enrollment in the semester of exchange and validation of credits obtained during mobility.

ECA Call for Applications:

ECA students must access USP’s Mundus System, select “ECA” as the corresponding unit and read the terms of the Call for Applications for information regarding the selection process. Registration is done online, following the set rules and deadlines. 

When registering for the exchange, you must attach all mandatory documents, according to the specific guidelines of the Call for Applications.

Selection Process

The registered applications will go through a selection process divided into two distinct stages:

  • Interview with the course coordinator.
  • Interviews and / or analysis of documents by the coordinator of the agreement.
I have been selected. What now?

The result of the selection will be announced by CRInt and the dossiers of the selected applicants will be forwarded to the foreign institution. The final offer will be made by the foreign institution following the analysis of the applicant’s application documents.

Exchange rules at ECA

Do you wish to apply for ECA’s student exchange programme? Please check CRInt’s registration manual for our rules and procedures.

Ficou interessado, então consulte o manual que a CRInt preparou com todas as normas e procedimentos para o intercâmbio na ECA.